Meditation can be defined as a practice to rejuvenate mind and body. It can be performed in different ways. It is said to be started in Southeast Asian countries, like China, India, Mongolia, Tibet, etc. From there, this mental and physical rejuvenation practice has travelled to Europe and other parts of the world. As it has spread all over the world, it attained innovations. Learning to meditate is an art. You would master this art when you are guided by a certified trainer. Before you start the process to learn to meditate, it is crucial to know a few important facts about it. These facts have been discussed below.

practicing meditation

  1. You Do Not Need Mantra

In ancient India and China, meditation was often linked with spiritual as well as devotional rituals. Typically, people used to perform meditation with some mantras or religious hymns. However, uttering mantra is not compulsory. Without it meditation can also be performed. In fact, many people believe whispering mantra helps learning meditation in better way. But, this is completely a myth.

  1. Connection between Yoga and Meditation

Some people have the misconception that they have learn Yoga along with meditation. Traditionally, there are some connections between the two but it is not mandatory to learn for practicing meditation. However, learning Yoga will give you better frame of mind and body.

  1. Different Ways of Learning

Different trainers may advise different approaches to their trainees. In order to learn to meditate, you have to follow directions as well as advices of trainers properly. Skipping certain instructions or ignoring certain advices may cause difficulties in learn process. As a result, it shall take more time than usual for learning meditation.

  1. It Is Not Time Consuming

It is not difficult to find enough time to practice meditation. You can practice it for 10-20 minutes on daily basis and that would be enough to reap the benefits of this mind and body rejuvenation practice.

  1. Do Not Expect Mind to Go Blank

During meditation, you cannot expect your mind to go completely blank. Typically, we shall have different thoughts during meditation. You just need to feel relaxed. You should not let anxiety to creep inside your mind.