Glycemic index is a simple method of rating the quick change of the blood sugar level after food is being eaten. Its rapidity depends on the food intake. Glycemic index is classified as high or low and there is no normal index so far.

To quickly determine the high and low glycemic index, it is simply represented by a number. For foods that make your blood sugar raise swiftly a high glycemic index number is given, whereas to foods whose sugar content is given a low number.

high glycemic index number

The glycemic Index Chart: A quick review:

In the glycemic Index chart,  foods are being classified by group.and glycemic Index number is indicated in each food group. For foods with

  • low glycemic index(GI) the indicated number is below ( <55)
  • foods with medium GI (56-59)and
  • High GI(70>)

Grain & Starches

Under this group are:

  • rice bran[27],
  • bran cereal [42].
  • Spaghetti [42],
  • sweet corn[54]
  • wild rice [57],
  • sweet potato[61]
  • ,white rice[64],
  • whole wheat bread[71]
  • baked potato[85],
  • Oatmeal[87],
  • white bread[100]


under this group are:

  • asparagus[15],
  • Broccoli[15],
  • celery[15],
  • cucumber[15],
  • Lettuce[15],
  • spinach[15],
  • tomatoes[15],
  • cooked carrots[39]


under this group are:

  • grapefruits [25],
  • apple[38],
  • peach [42],
  • orange [44],
  • grape[46],
  • banana[54],
  • mango [56],
  • pineapple[66],
  • watermelon [72]

Dairy products:

This group are:

  • low fat yogurt[14],
  • plain yogurt[14],
  • whole milk [27],
  • fat free milk [32],
  • skim milk[32],
  • chocolate milk[35],
  • fruit yogurt[36],
  • ice cream[61]


under this group are:

  • peanuts[21],
  • dried beans[40],
  • kidney beans[41],
  • split peas[45],
  • black eyed bean[59]

Human bodies should maintain and keep up the level of sugar in the bodies so whenever the cell requires it easily is provided. When your sugar level is low you feel hungry and crave for foods that contain high glycemic index its because these foods can raise your blood glucose rapidly. Take note that once your sugar is high, human bodies creates insulin and will turn out to be fat in your blood. Once a person eats foods with high glycemic index the blood sugar rises as quickly as it could and here problem occurs.

Obviously, people are extremely worried when they know that their blood glucose reaches more than the maximum high. They will do anything thing just to let their blood sugar level back to its normal level again. However, there are instances that they also neglected the risk of too low blood glucose. In as much that high blood sugar is hazardous to health, low blood glucose is exactly the same. The human body needs a balanced level of blood sugar in their bodies so as to maintain good health in order to enjoy life to the fullest.