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One day is not enough to enjoy all amazing destinations in Europe. Some people choose to stay one week, one month or even one year. Visiting European country such as Romania, France, Norway, Italy, Russia, etc.; bring you the most exciting experience ever. You can get the reference of information about tourist destination in Europe by check in Travel blog, which write all information you need about the place, photography spot, and also some interesting activities.

Visit Old Castles in England

The history of British Kingdom started a long time ago with the heritage of old castles spread out all around England. There are 13 incredible castles every build in England. Dover Castle is the most famous one, located in the Dover White Cliffs, built as a protection wall of port area. Bodiam Castle in East Sussex, build in 1385, you can visit this castle only about 9.80 Euro. Other famous castle that referred by Travel blog are Windsor Castle, St Michael’s Mount, Arundel Castle, Tower of London, Bamburgh Castle, Raby Castle, Warwick Castle, Framlingham Castle, Highclere Castle, Leeds Castle, and Highcliffe Castle.

Salt’s Mine Amusement Park

There is nothing in this world like this. Salina Turda is located in Romania, built in 1992 as a popular tourist destination and started to upgrade the modern style in 2008 with a theme park inside. In the far underground, Ferris wheel builds as one of the top attractions. It takes about 2 hours to have a tour in the mining area and the theme park. You can also use the lake boat to enjoy the trip.

Experience The Dying City, Italy

It is located in Lazio, Italy, named as Civita di Bagnoregio. Etruscan founded 2500 years ago in the sand mix with volcanic ash mountain. This city area is mostly inhabited considering the danger of sliding rocks, then people left their home a long time ago. You can feel the “death” feeling, especially during summer time, whereas in winter, more tourists will come to this place to see the beautiful scenery from the mountain.

Surrounding this city, there are a lot of tourist attractions that you could enjoy, such as the old churches: St. Donato, St. Agustino, and St. Bonaventura. A photography spot in the entrance door with Roman construction is perfect for a shoot. Etruscan caves, Geological museum, Taruffi museum, Mari Garden and Town Square are also exciting places to see.