The social media is influencing the generation as it has a widespread appeal. It has a huge number of followers as it has an alluring aura. The widespread use of a smartphone with the internet is fueling the reach of the social media platform as it makes the latest happening around the world available at fingertips. Every social media platform is introducing innovative features that can attract users. Instagram introduced the live video feature in November of 2016 to the selected user, but by December everyone could access it. It is the feature that can connect you to the audience in real time but is different from others. While other live videos remain on the page for some time, the Instagram Live Stories disappears as soon as the feed ends. You need to get more views that will help the video become viral or trending. The easiest method to achieve it by purchasing the live video viewers from a trusted source like that will make the process easier. If you are new to the social media platform, then the experts can help you start your account with a bang that will make you popular. The easy method will help you relax as they work to increase your broadcast viewing without burning a hole in your pockets. You have another method to increase the viewership that involves a lot of time, hard work, and energy. You need to follow the below steps to attract viewers to your video feed;

  • Reach out to the audience with a question-answer session that will create a personal bond. It will assist in gaining the trust of the viewers that make them anticipate your next video. You can also reply to their comments that will make them feel closer to you.
  • You need to show your cool or quirky talents to the audience that will keep them hooked on the videos. It will pique their interest to view your videos.
  • Innovative techniques or creative thinking can ensure that your content is alluring, so the viewers will get interested in the videos you broadcast.
  • You can maintain the spontaneity of the videos that will make the viewers wait for your next one.

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