There are so many kinds of commode chairs available in the market and there are various brands and prices that you could buy; one within your means and convenience. The commode chair is quite useful if you have a bedridden person at your home or care giving facility. It is an amenity that will enable the person to use the toilet without inconveniencing others. Many times, one has to use adult diapers, bed pans or carry the person across to the bathroom. The commode chair eases all the discomfort and makes it easy access to the person who can now do his/her job in peace. Make use of commode for the patient.

The kinds of commode chairs available

Depending on the kind you want to buy there are

  • Multi functionality commode chairs
  • Weight capacity as overtly obsess people also may need such facility
  • The material used to make the chair
  • The height of the chair, depending on the person’s size
  • If you require back support
  • Footrests, whether they are foldable or removable.
  • The commode chair with wheels is preferred, you could choose otherwise.
  • The quality of the chair.

The multi-functionality chairs are versatile but may cost more, and you would want to check, whether you require so many features and whether it is within your budget of purchase. It gives many options such as a raised commode seating, a safety frame for the toilet seat etc. the weight capacity is determined on the body mass of the individual using it, a heavy person may need bariatric commodes with larger weight handling capacity. Get the best commode in town.

The material should be rust proof, water proof and non-corrosive and abrasive in nature. It should not extremely heavy. If the patient or individual using it is more than the standard height he may require a chair which can accommodate his tall frame without making the person bend and strain too much in the process. The person who is weak and has injured his back or neck or head will need back support even otherwise it is comfortable for a person using a commode chair for back support which is made of padded or mesh material which can be removable too. These are washable and enable the person more comfort while sitting to do his/her job at the pot.

The footrests are removable and foldable in nature and they too form a kind of support when sitting on the pot. When getting off they can be either folded or just be removed and placed elsewhere so the person doesn’t hurt himself or she while getting off the chair and laying back in bed. The drop arm facility allows you to lower the position of your arms or raise them if you want when done or even fold them up when getting off the chair so that you don’t hurt yourself or the patient in this case.