Have you ever had a long and stressful day at work and decide to relax and unwind after? This unwinding also involves using cannabis as it can be quite the relaxant. While cannabis may be perfectly legal to use in some states in the US, the company you’re working for might think otherwise. This is why some companies hold random drug tests. While regular urine drug tests may be passed easily, there is one such drug test that cannabis users shudder in fear when hearing it, the hair follicle drug test.

hair follicle detox

When subjected to the test, these pot smokers start to internally panic. Why? Because the hair follicle test is one of the hardest drug tests to pass. Originally meant to be used on people who are suspected of using illicit drugs such as cocaine and meth, hair follicle tests are also used during random company drug tests. It might seldom happen, but in the case that it does, there’s but only one method that’s reliable. It’s called the Macujo method. And when you do find yourself subject to a random hair follicle test, you’ll be prepared and can say that “this is how I passed my hair follicle test”.

Not your average cannabis drug test

When usual drug tests aren’t enough, the company whips out the trump card. Hair follicle tests aren’t your usual cannabis drug tests where they check your system for THC. No, it doesn’t work that way. Instead, the lab tests your hair samples for THC-COOH, a metabolite of THC. Sneaky, sneaky labs. This method usually leaves you unprepared since you wouldn’t know what to do. All the lab needs is 1.5 inches of your hair from its root.

What can 1.5 inches of hair tell them?

If you’re wondering what can 1.5 inches of hair samples can tell the lab? It can tell them a lot, around 90 days’ worth of information. That’s roughly around 3 months. And within those 3 months, they can detect whether you’ve been a bad boy/girl and have been using cannabis. You can probably tell them that it was for medical purposes and hope that they cut you some slack.

How to clear your pot smoking history?

If you’re wondering on how to get rid of marijuana traces in your hair follicle, you might want to skip doing home remedies. There are no records of successful home remedies to the seemingly impassable hair follicle test. These suggested home remedies may even do more harm than good to your hair, leaving your hair damaged but the traces are still there.

Can you clear your history by clearing the hair on your head? No. Even though you can try shaving off the hair on your head, the lab can still get samples from the hair on your body. Shaving off every inch of hair on yourself may just make you look more guilty and not to mention funny as well.

The only documented solution that was a success is the Macujo method. It involves using a hair follicle detox shampoo, a few chemicals and a lot of rinsing. Although it can make you ready to take on the drug test in 5 days, for optimum results, 7 days max is ideal. Using the Macujo method is highly suggested by cannabis users who have already undergone a hair follicle drug test. With a success rate of 90%, it is by far the only method you can use to beat the test. The 10% that failed were probably too stoned to fully understand how to do the method.