Every single house that is built is destined to be owned by someone who can call the House, their Home. This is what done by Rent to Own Homes.  They provide an opportunity for the people to buy a house and turn it into their Home. Doesn’t it sound nice, calling a house your Home? All of you people must have felt that sometimes a house can change everything in your life. Home is the place where your story begins. And hence, Rent to Own has started a program that allows people to have their own home and discover their story.

There are unlimited people in the world who are living in the rented house and getting bullied by their landlords. Now, you have a chance to get over these kinds of unwanted situations. For all the renters who wish to buy a home in the future but don’t have that many funds right now can choose the program to secure a home of their choice. The program is supported by a lot of owners and property managers because most of the decent and worthy people will have a stand to get their dream house.

rent to own homes

The Rent to Own Homes service simply goes with its name and rents the home to the tenants with an agreement. The agreement states that the home will belong to the owner and the tenants can buy the home at the end of a pre-arranged time period on a fixed price value. Thus, giving the right of the house to the owner and tenant both, the service fulfill many dreams. To get to the path of owning a home you first have to apply for a lease. Get approval and then look for a home with Realtor Ray McCurty. He will help you to choose the property you want to live in, i.e. a house, an apartment or a duplex.

The home partners will buy the property on your behalf and then rent it to you. Also, you will have a 3-year rent certainty and 1-year financial commitment. This is a very exciting offer given to the prospective homeowners. Whether you are a first-time buyer or a person who just relocated from another city to San Antonio, you will be able to find the perfect neighborhood with the help of Rent to Own Homes. If you are interested in this type of ownership, then you can contact Ray McCurty to discuss the further details.