An introduction of contractor general liability insurance

The development of infrastructure all around the world is expanding from mega-city to urban areas. This involves massive construction project such as road constructions, sky crapper building constructions, apartments, bridges, etc. That kind of work has a high value of money with thousands of employees with a long time period of job schedule. The process itself, all of the construction work has their own risk to the employee, the building, or even during transportation; which would cause a lot of damage and loss. In order to cover you from that loss, contractor’s general liability insurance provides you a service to protect you from that unexpected accident and loss.

General Coverage

The first, this insurance gives a protection of lawsuits from your work. For example, you made a bridge and that bridge are suddenly broken and you, as general contractor,have to take the credit to fix the mess. In this case, the insurance might cover the cost of courts, awards, and then the judgment.

The next thing is about the bodily injury because all of the construction works have the risk that might cause harm to your body. In the sky crapper building construction, your employee has to work at high elevation that needs more safety equipment. An accident might cause fatal disability and even death. Therefore, Contractors general liability insurance will protect you and your employee from this kind of accident loss.

This insurance is also protecting you from property damage. Such as the damage tothe housing roof because of the skeletal damage, this will be covered by the insurance. Other than that, the negligence is also covered by this insurance. As human error could behappening anytime, this also might be a disadvantage for you.

Estimated Cost

There are two major things that influence the cost of this insurance. First is the construction work type and the risk level, the sky crapper building construction might have a higher risk than just a one-floor house. And then the second thing is the amount of payroll and gross revenue that might be covered for this protection. More employeesinvolve one construction project need higher protection value than in a smaller team member.

How to Start?

One of the insurance agents, EK Insurance New York, will help you to get this protection. You just need to have the down payment and then continue the payment for about 10 consecutive payments on a monthly basis.