Quite a few people seem to suffer from what we call the “tandem-kayak phobia”, which we truly believe, is because they have not paddled the right tandem kayaks. The much-maligned tandem kayak is often referred to as “divorce boat”, but there are a lot of reasons why the tandem kayak is the right choice for many young paddlers. Here we read more about tandem kayaks,

Although tandem kayaks are naturally bigger and heavier than single kayaks, they have an enhanced capacity for speed and stability. The larger construction results in a more efficient hull and a streamlined ability to reach higher speeds. Additionally, their stability is often far superior to traditional kayaks, as they are reinforced to handle increased weight and movement.

Perhaps the most noted benefit of a tandem kayak is that they simply tend to be more fun. There are few better ways to enjoy natural beauty than to bring a companion, and these tandem kayaks make this shared experience easy and accessible.

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The tandem kayak difference:

We believe in kayaks that are fun to paddle and are long, sleek tandem kayaks are designed to make paddling on the ocean both enjoyable and easy. Touring doubles are much easier to steer than 2 person canoes.

The stability and speed it offers:

Tandem Kayaks are much longer and significantly narrower than the solo ones. The long, narrow hull of a tandem kayak is designed for speed and tracking while paddling on the ocean but narrower boats are less stable. Often we feel “tippy” and some are easily capsized when it comes to the solo version.

For group paddles and tours:

Tandem kayaks are an excellent option for group paddles, especially when there are some group members who are not as experienced as others. Pair a strong paddler with a weaker one in the tandem kayak, and everyone will enjoy their day. Another benefit of the tandem kayak is that when one of the paddlers is exhausted, a tandem kayak can be powered by just one paddler.

For family paddles:

The addition of little humans to a family of avid kayakers poses a challenge. How soon can we get these kids out on the water? With a tandem kayak, family paddling is easy. Tandem kayaks are stable enough to handle the wiggling of small children, and the larger cockpits make it easier to fit parents with a child in their lap.


The length and weight of tandem kayaks make them difficult, but not impossible, to carry on cars: a good rack with rollers and end tie downs will really help.

A tandem always has much more storage than a normal kayak. However, 2 solo kayaks always have much more room than a 2-person kayak.

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