Marijuana consumers are growing every day all around the world. The different portions and uses of the one magic plant have popularized its status and availability to the farthest stretches of the earth. Legalized in many countries for medical use and in many other countries for both medical and recreational use, marijuana the plant is reaching the top levels of fame as an herb that can do wonders.

If you’re a marijuana user or have made use of any kind of medical marijuana, you must be familiar with the terms THC and CBD. These are the different types of cannaboid present that is present tin different species of marijuana and have somewhat similar effects. The two types of cannaboid differ from each other in certain factors but are moreover the same. So what really is CBD? How does it Work?  What is its role in Medical Marijuana? What are its uses? What are the side effects of CBD? How is it different from THC? The answer to all these questions will be answered to in this article.

medical marijuana

What is CBD?

CBD or Cannabidiol is a less famous chemical compound but is more prevalent in a cannabis plant. It is different from the other and more famous chemical compound, tetrrahydrocannabinol or THC that is also found in cannabis plant but is more likely to be associated with the psychoactive effects where as in CBD no such effects are found.

CBD isn’t supposed to give you the kind of high you experience when you intake THC but has similar effects when it comes to providing the comfort to the body that you experience with smoking Marijuana. CBD still is very effective on your body with many body regulations. It is the type of medical marijuana compound that scientists have been researching on for decades.

Why CBD is considered an underdog?

CBD did not come into the notice or knowledge of the people even years after the discovery of the cannabis and the THC compound. THC as a type of cannaboid present in female cannabis plant took all the fame and deprived CBD of the spotlight. Yet, after years of research scientists have come up with the many uses of this cannaboid in regulating the moods of human beings and in the use of making different kinds of medicines. Though the product has any benefits but there are some side effects from CBD that are needed to be studied and pondered upon before making use of CBD in any form.