1) “Torment is shortcoming when leaving the body”

2) “If you will be a champion, you should will to pay a higher cost.” ~ Wilkinson

3) “Extraordinary things don’t occur by drive, yet by a progression of seemingly insignificant details set up together.” ~ Van Gogh

4) “Each time you remain late, every time you rest, each time you lose an exercise, each time you don’t give 100% … you make my activity a considerable measure less demanding.”

5) “Well, better, better, never let it rest, until the point that the great is better and the better is the better”. ~ Tim Duncan

6) “You can inspire with dread and you can persuade by the reward, however the two strategies are just brief, the main thing that keeps going is close to home inspiration.” ~ Homer Rice

7) “Strength is opposition for one greater minute …” ~ US Sub-Lieutenant of the Marine Corps

8) “Quality does not originate from triumph, your battles build up your quality, when you experience difficulties and choose not to surrender, it is quality”. ~ Arnold Schwarzenegger

9) “Encircle yourself with individuals who consider their work important, however not themselves, the individuals who buckle down and play hard.” ~ General Colin Powell

10) “The psychological will is a muscle that requirements work out, similar to the muscles of the body.” ~ Lynn Jennings

11) “Individuals who surrender never win, and champs never surrender.”

12) “Along these lines, regardless of whether you eat, drink or whatever you do, do everything for the magnificence of God.” ~ Corinthians 10:31

13) “There are numerous difficult impediments in your way, don’t give yourself a chance to end up one of them.” ~ James Allen

14) “The most exceedingly terrible I can be is the same as every other person. ~ Arnold Schwarzenegger

15) “I can do everything through him who gives me quality”. ~ Philippians 4:13

16) “If at first you don’t succeed, attempt once more.” ~ Hickson

17) “What does not execute me makes me more grounded” ~ Friedrich Nietzsche

18) “You should do what others don’t do to accomplish what others don’t do”.

19) “Decorations don’t mean anything and the radiance does not last, it’s about your satisfaction, the prizes will come, however my joy is simply to love the game and have a great time.” ~ Jackie Joyner Kersee

20) “What makes a difference isn’t really the measure of the puppy in the battle, it’s the extent of the battle in the canine.” ~ Eisenhower.