In general terms when we talk about the word jailbreak, it means taking out the phone out of its limitations. In this a device which is jailbroken can reverted by the another jailed device by keeping the particular device I recovery mode, but if there is any other installed app which is incompatible then it will get deleted while this process. To get the better idea one can go to the link,

What are the motivations behind jailbreak?

Now there is a reason to invent each and everything, jailbreak was basically invent to improve the quality of the features already developed in a mobile. It is set to break all the limitations with all the existing app and help the device to work with new features and not be in its limitations. Before setting the apps for distribution apple do check these apps for compliance with IOS. Most of the apps which are banned were because of the security reasons.

It helps in device customization

ios jailbreak

This jailbreak helps a user to customize their device according to their needs. There are certain apps which are very important for some users but the same apps are of no use for other ones. It helps user to add the apps in the device according to their needs. The barriers made by the developers and programmers can be dealt by this feature, after installing this feature user can do customization and make several changes.

Installation of malware

Using this feature malware can be installed on the phones easily, after jailbreaking a phone anyone can hack your phone or put it on tracking system by using a malware.

Software piracy

By using this jailbreaking on the phone user can download even those apps which are pirated. Generally the pirated apps are not allowed to get downloaded or installed on the phones but jailbreaking helps a device to do so.

Types of jailbreaks

There are several type of jailbreaks

Untethered jailbreak

Tethered jailbreak

Semi tethered jailbreak

Semi untethered jailbreak

Let’s see the description of these jailbreaks

Untethered jailbreak; In these types of untethered jailbreak there is an feature, that whether the device is switched off by the users, and switch back again it will run completely and will be connected to the kernel without the help of the computer.

Tethered jailbreak; in this type of jailbreak, user need a computer everytime they wants to reboot the device. And if it will reboot again without computer it will be no longer attached with the kernel. And it will not be completely start again, which means that device needs to be jailbroken everytime it will restart.

Semi tethered jailbreak;  In this type of tethered jailbreak, when device will restart it will not be connected to the patched kernel, but the basic function can be used on the device like calling or texting etc. in this case the user need to reboot the system with jailbreaking tool in order to start the tool with patched kernel.

IOS jailbreaking

Semi- untethered jailbreak; this is more or less like a tethered jailbreak when the system is started it is no longer connected with the patched kernel which means it is no longer in that jailbreaking system. But in this we do not need to connect the system with computer in order to get it connected with patched kernels.

Comparison to android rooting

Jailbreaking of IOS devices is generally misconcepted by the feature of rooting android system. While they both are completely different. IOS is generally said to be developed with an amazing security measures an unlocked bootloader which help user to prevent them by modifying the operating system everytime they will restart the system.

What is the legal status on jailbreaking?

IOS Jailbreak is generally hindered by the laws regarding the circumvention of digital locks for example laws which are made to protect digital rights management mechanism, but then there is a drawback with it that some countries do have these laws but most the countries does not have these laws applicable. Jailbreaking it technically not supported by many companies because as per them they are violating certain rules such as apple does not approve these jailbreaking because of the violation of its EULA. However the rules against jailbreaking are different in every country according their own laws against these violation

History of IOS jailbreak.

Let’s have a look on the history of this jailbreaking app, when the iPhone became available in July 2007 for the general user after some time developers introduced the jailbreaking system foe it. And none the later jailbreak was available in the form of game app for the users in October 2007, and there was an installer app as a process to get certain software for jailbroken device.

Jailbreaking feature was generally developed to support the users by getting those apps in the device which generally are not allowed to be on that device, but are really helpful for the users. for reference one can click on