Every one of us loves playing games. Some might like a specific genre of the game such as racing while others might love shooting games. Also, the platform on which the games are played depends upon different users. Some play games on smartphones, while others use PlayStation or computer or Xbox. All this varies upon the user preferences. But for small kids, it is important to give them exposure to simple and easy to play games that improve their interaction with computers and also improve their logical understanding.

blocked games

Earlier flash games were a lot more common at schools and colleges but now any many of the schools block websites where flash games are played. This is done in order to reduce the procrastination time of children and keep them more focused on studies. Many schools feel that they can teach their students about the basics of computers without letting them play any sort of games. They, therefore, block game websites in schools and offices. But there are several techniques with which you can play these games without being noticed by the school management. Let us first understand the difference between blocked and unblocked games.

What are blocked games?

Many of the schools have made use of internet filters in order to blacklist websites that they feel are distracting the students from their studies by giving them exposure to games. These websites might be any of the popular gaming websites and the filters can easily block these sites. But it is not possible to cover the entire internet and it is an impossible task to block all the gaming websites. There are tips and tricks to negate the blacklists and also to make use of proxies in order to visit these websites without getting in the blacklist of schools.

Many of the schools make use of whitelisting wherein they define which websites can be accessed or allowed in the premises of schools or offices. This is a more effective method as compared to blacklisting and it allows teachers to give access to educational and useful websites and games to their students.

What are unblocked games?

These games are freely available and cannot be blocked by any sort of server or blacklisting mechanism. So if you want to relax in your free time then you can do that with the help of unblocked games. These games are completely safe and will not harm your computer or office work at all.